Front view of a 148th scale condominium model, known as
Pecan Place built for Ft. Worth, Texas developer Tom Struhs.

The rear view of Pecan Place. Model was built from
100% white sheet styrene.

This is a 1/87th scale plastic kit of the
Bates Mansion from the movie Psycho,
built & weathered to professional standards.

Here the same model is shown from a
different angle so that the cracked and
peeling paint can more readily be seen.


Built to a scale of 1/24th, this six unit condo with
lower level parking was designed for a large
development in Colorado. Due to EPA
regulations, it was never built.

A 1/87th Boiler House, built from a Campbell
kit for a client's H-O scale model railroad layout.

Commissioned as a gift for a collector of farm equipment,
this model was scratchbuilt based on a rough floor plan
and several very bad photos. Scale is 1/64th.

Viewed from above, this 3/4 rear view
clearly shows the complex roof structure. 
Obviously, the house was built in stages.

Architects frequently require study models.  Reasonably
accurate with minimal detail, they are often used to show
the client what the house design (the Martin House is seen
here) will basically look like.  In this case, the topography
is included in order to show the relationship of house and
land to each other.

Since the Martin House is quite large (around 8,000 square
feet) and occupies a pie shaped piece of land, you can see
the value of a house/topography study model.

The Sinatra House is even larger at around 10,000 square feet and sits on a substantial but
uniquely shaped plot of land.  A house/topography study model is essential in this case.









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