Minimum fees are as follows:


*  Kit build-ups........Starting at $200.00 plus kit, packing and shipping.

(Any plastic, resin or wood kit built out-of-the-box to professional standards

and with your choice of color scheme and/or markings.)


*  Kit conversions, vignettes, dioramas.....Starting at $400.00 plus kit, packing and shipping.

(Any project using a plastic, resin or wood kit as it's starting point that is converted into a

significantly different variant, requires addition of aftermarket kits/components (such as lighting)

 or is incorporated into a detailed base that tells a story.)


*  Scratchbuilding.......Fixed price bid based on $54 per hour

plus materials, packing and shipping.

(The name says it all.  Any project that uses a photograph, verbal description or set

of drawings as it's starting point.)


*  Repairs......Estimated on a case by case basis, starting at $50 plus packing and shipping.

Final price is dependent on extent of damage and complexity of restoration.


Please contact us at, 817-536-0128 or
817-946-9670 for an exact quote on your specific project requirements.










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