1/35th scale 6x6 truck.


This 1/25th scale 1941 Chevrolet pickup shows
the effects of 15 years of hard use.


1/25th scale cement mixer.


Built straight from the box, this 1965
Chevrolet pickup appears in basic primer.
The wood grain bed was created with paint.


Created from two separate AMT kits, the
resulting 1/25th scale rig seen in this photo
had a professional trucker insisting that it was real.


Completely box stock, a Renault tractor trailer rig is
seen here in Yamaha motorcycle race team markings.
1/25th scale.

A 1/25th SUV, whose ability to 4-wheel is more
important than it's looks.


In order to show all the engine detail of a 1/25th
scale Revell Porsche GTO, the car and removable
aft section were mounted on a walnut base.










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