This is a 1/16th scale structural model of a WW-I biplane.  During the between-the-war period, the Jenny became a familiar mount of barnstormers and wing walkers.  A mixed media model, it has a wingspan of 33" and length of 21".  There are approximately 450 hours invested in it's construction.

Built for the B-36 Peacemaker Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas, it is currently on display at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History.   Please scroll down to view all of the photos.


I admire my Jenny model after it was placed on display by the staff of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
Due to the size of the case and accompanying artifacts, the model appears smaller in this photo than it really is.


After 450 hours, the Jenny is ready for the display case.


From this angle, it's easy to see why the Jenny was described by some as "a few pieces of wood held together by several miles of wire.  There are over 1100 individual parts in this model, not counting   60-70 yards (180 - 200 feet) of rigging.


These aircraft did not have starters.  Instead, a ground crewman had to swing the prop manually, while simultaneously keeping his head out of the prop arc.










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