Trinity bluff is an upscale development being built on Samuels Avenue in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Located on the north side of downtown, the development takes it's name from the fact that it sits on the bluff that overlooks the Trinity River with a majestic view to the north.  I was commissioned to build a marketing model of the overall area.  In fact, changes to the original design (a normal event in real estate development) resulted in a second commission that revised the original model.  It is that model you see here.

Built to 1/260th scale, the finished model is just under 7 1/2' long and slightly less than 4' wide.  It is built in two sections that are locked together with a walnut frame.


Viewed from the east (the bluff and river face north), the historic Pioneer Rest Cemetery is the empty, grassy space at the lower left corner.


From the west end of Trinity Bluff, you see how Samuels Avenue winds along the bluff.










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